Planet playgrounds - Components
Durable Outdoor Playground Equipment

At Planet Playgrounds™ we take every effort to make sure that your new outdoor playground equipment is as durable as possible.

The lumber we use in the wooden swingsets are pressure treated ACQ Southern Yellow Pine. All exposed edges and ends of posts and beams are rounded to a ½" radius and sanded. Holes are drilled where required and counter sunk with all recessed bolts and hardware. Posts and beams are 6" x 6" construction dimensions.

All metal posts used in the construction of the outdoor playground equipment is 11 gauge powder coated galvanized steel tubing with a tensile strength of 55,000 lbs per square inch. For ultimate durability, Planet Playgrounds™ mounts all playground equipment in the ground to ensure stability.

All hardware shall be stainless or galvanized steel as required, to resist corrosion.All Steel posting and climbers are warranted for ten (10) years against structural failure.

All preserved wood components for wooden swingsets are warranted for ten (10) years from date of original purchase.

Durability of Plastics used with Metal and Wooden Swingsets.

All plastic components used on the metal or wooden swingsets are rotationally molded, ultraviolet light stabilized polyethylene plastic, with molded color throughout.

Slides used on any of the outdoor playground equipment are double walled 3/8" thickness, 24" wide with 6" high rails at top, 4" high rails at bottom and 18" exit bed way.

All plastic components are warranted for five (5) years against deterioration making unfit for play.

Planet Playgrounds™ will replace any components that become unsound within stated time frame free of charge. This does not include providing labor or cost of labor to remove defective pieces or installation of replacement pieces.

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