Planet playgrounds - Components
Warranty Information
Planet Playgrounds warrants its products to be free from defect in materials and/or workmanship during normal use and correct installation for a period of one (1) year from date of original purchase.

Planet Playgrounds further warrants as follows:
• All plastic components are warranted for five (5) years against deterioration making it unfit for play.

• All steel posting and climbers are warranted for ten (10) years against structural failure.

• All preserved Pine wood components are warranted for ten (10) years from date of original purchase.

• All other moving parts or accessories will receive a one (1) year limited warranty. This warranty does not cover cosmetic items (such as scratches, normal wear and tear, fading, discoloration,and weathering), vandalism, paint or powder coating, and damage due to natural characteristics of checking and warping of wood. Planet Playgrounds will replace any components that become unsound within stated time frame free of charge. This does not include providing labor or cost of labor to remove defective pieces or installation of replacement pieces. Planet Playgrounds reserves the right to receive copies of written maintenance inspection reports to ensure the equipment has been properly maintained. This includes physical and photographic evidence in lieu of on site inspections.

• All warranty claims must be submitted in writing.