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Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
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So you've decided to order an exciting playground structure from Planet Playgrounds! We have a few guidelines that will allow you to have a painless buying experience and helps us to understand exactly what you want. Below you will see how our ordering process works, so there are no suprises.

Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
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The best installation for your community

The installation of your playground should be the last step to providing your children with an exciting and healthy experience in play. All Planet Playgrounds' structures are provided with full assembly instructions for simple assembly. After delivery of your structure you are given two options to assemble your new playground. Your Planet Playgrounds representative will help you in deciding the best installation plan for you and your community. This decision will be based in an effort to provide safety for you and your children.

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Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
Fundraising & Grants
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Your community should have the best playground for the kids

Funding for your community's commercial playground can be crucial to placing a structure the children will love. Many neighborhoods, churches or schools have limited budgets for extra curicular activies. This can be very unfortunate for the children of the community, taking away from them the opportunity to get the much needed excercise and fun they will gladly remember for years. You will be purchasing a playground structure in which over time their children will play as well. There are many great ways to market your dream playground to raise the funds needed by fundraising programs and/or grants.

Warranty Information
Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
Helpful Advice
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Considerations for Playground Designs.

Playground designs can vary depending on what type of settings, how many children will utilize the playsets and how old the children are.

Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
10 Playground Safety FAQ's
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At Planet Playgrounds™ safety comes first. Here are 10 play ground equipment safety questions everyone should ask.


Wood vs. Metal Playground
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When shopping for playground equipment, one of the first considerations will be to choose between metal or wooden swing sets. Other than the obvious differences in appearance, there are several things to consider when choosing the materials used in the construction of the playground swings.