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Wood vs. Metal Playground

When shopping for playground equipment, one of the first considerations will be to choose between metal or wooden swing sets. Other than the obvious differences in appearance, there are several things to consider when choosing the materials used in the construction of the playground swings. With the proper maintenance, metal swing sets can have a longer life span than a wooden swing set. Wooden playground equipment, however, usually has a more aesthetic appearance in a natural setting. Some neighborhoods would prefer wooden swing sets to metal due to its less obvious appearance. Choosing the right materials involves taking into considerations the appearance, maintenance involved, and what type of setting will the playground swings be placed in. Placing bright colored metal play sets in a more natural setting would not carry the same appeal wooden play sets would. Both metal and wooden play sets carry a warranty pertaining to the materials used. All require some maintenance, however, deciding on which material to use would depend on location and the availability of maintenance being performed.

Maintaining Playground Swings.

As mentioned earlier, both metal and wooden swing sets require a certain amount of maintenance. Metal, although usually considered less maintenance, does require maintenance. Checking playground swings for rust, loose or protruding bolts and faulty materials should be done on a regular basis. Wooden swing sets need checking as well on a regular basis for sealant touch up, damaged pieces, loose or protruding bolts and screws. Although both types of material usually carry a warranty, if the playground is poorly maintained, your warranty may have been voided due to neglect of the playground swings. Always check the swing sets for loose or protruding bolts, damaged swing components, and check the surrounding play area for any dangerous items. Always maintaining your playground will ensure a long life of the play set, regardless whether you choose a metal or wooden play set.