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10 Playground Safety FAQ's

The Commercial Swing Sets' Safety is #1.

Whether you are installing new play ground equipment or updating existing equipment, ask yourself these 10 Important questions to provide your children with the safest playgrounds possible.

At Planet Playgrounds™ safety comes first. Here are 10 play ground equipment safety questions everyone should ask.


1. Are the surfaces under the commercial swing sets safe?
Falling is the #1 cause of injuries on playground equipment. A child who falls on a hard surface such as concrete, pavement or even grass can be seriously injured. The material used underneath and around the equipment should be resilient.

2. Is there enough room for play underneath and around the commercial swing sets?
Planet Playgrounds™ suggests allowing a minimum use zone of six (6) feet around playground equipment. Refer to the ASTM F1487-98 Standard or the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines for specific use zone requirements.

3. Is there adequate space between the pieces of equipment?
The playground use zone and the swing zone should provide an ample distance from each other to prevent any conflictions.

4. Is the play ground equipment appropriate for the child?
There should be play activities and commercial swing sets designed for children with varying ages and abilities.

5. Does the playground equipment put the child at risk from protruding objects?
Hardware that is protruding from the equipment can cause serious injury.

6. Does the playground equipment present a strangulation risk?
There should be nothing that would catch or snag pieces of clothing, jewelry or cords and strings.

7. Are there any moving parts on the commercial swing sets that could pinch a child?
Any moving parts on the play ground equipment should be checked for any pinch threats.

8. Is there anything on the playground that might cause a child to trip?
Surfaces underneath commercial swing sets should be smooth and level, with no tree stumps or roots.

9. Is the playground and playground equipment well maintained?
All hardware and surfaces should be in good shape. Rust and other signs of deterioration should be addressed immediately.

10. Has the playground equipment been renovated within the past 8 years?
Outdated play ground equipment can be extremely dangerous. If the equipment is outdated or in need of serious maintenance, immediate attention should be given to the appropriate areas before allowing children to play on the structure.

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