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Considerations for Playground Designs.

Playground designs can vary depending on what type of settings, how many children will utilize the playsets and how old the children are. To help find the play set that is best suited for your application, ask yourself:

1. Age range of children? 0-2 years, 2-5 years, 5-12 years.CPSC/ASTM recommends that the playset areas be separated by age range.

2. What type of setting? Apartments, Churches, Daycare, Subdivisions or Schools.

3. How many children at one time? Playground Designs will vary depending on number of children that will be playing on the set.

4. What special needs or disabilities should be considered? Proposed legislation mandates that portions of all new playsets and playgrounds be accessible to children with disabilities.

5. What is the exact area size and shape? Your equipment will have an actual area size and a protective area size.

6. What type of surfacing will you be using under playsets? What depth? Protective surfacing, the area under and around the play equipment, should be soft enough to cushion a fall. We recommend 9" to 12" of surfacing for every playset. Never install playground equipment over concrete or asphalt. It may result in serious injury or death from falls.

7. What type of activities would you like to see in your playgrounds? Slides, crawl tubes, activity panels, roofs or climbers.

8. Do you want independent play activities? Swings, seesaws, freestanding slide, activity panels, sand tables or spring riders.

9. Do you need site amenities? Park benches, picnic tables, litter receptacles, or bike racks.

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Considerations When Ordering Commercial Playsets.

ORDERING INFORMATION:All commercial playground designs require a 50% deposit upon ordering. An overhead drawing of the playsets and color selections must be included with your order. In order for your playset to be produced properly, depth of safety surfacing must be determined prior to ordering.

SHIPPING INFORMATION:Delivery time is 4-6 weeks from date order is received. All shipments are F.O.B. Canton, Georgia.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS:All structures come with assembly instructions. These instructions are customized for your playground designs.

Considerations for School Playground Equipment.

While our schools are primarily for building young minds, school playground equipment can be an important part in developing social, emotional and cognitive skills. When playing on school playgrounds, children are encouraged to use their imaginations and senses during play and they learn that obstacles can be overcome. Playgrounds are not just for children to play on while the teachers rest; they are a very important part of learning and can aid any child in different areas of life. They learn about motion by swinging, they can learn about gravity through sliding. Children can learn about physics without being in the classroom. School playgrounds are learning centers for children and must be approached as such. School playground equipment plays an important role in the development of our children and helps to shape our children into positive, confident young adults.

Appropriate School Playgrounds

Designing school playgrounds is always a unique experience. Each child that plays on the playground will focus on one area of play at a time. Providing the most versatile and functional playground requires a balance of fun, functionality and safety. If you are looking for pre-school playground equipment and aren't sure which activities or different play zones would be appropriate, ask the parents what activities their child enjoys and combine all of your findings to find the school playground that would suit your facility and the needs of the children. Children 3-4 and up would require different activities and zones than a child that is, say, 10-12. Finding the appropriate school playground equipment can make the difference between a playground that gets tons of use and a playground that sits unused.