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Your community should have the best playground for the kids

Funding for your community's commercial playground can be crucial to placing a structure the children will love. Many neighborhoods, churches or schools have limited budgets for extra curicular activies. This can be very unfortunate for the children of the community, taking away from them the opportunity to get the much needed excercise and fun they will gladly remember for years. You will be purchasing a playground structure in which over time their children will play as well. There are many great ways to market your dream playground to raise the funds needed by fundraising programs and/or grants.

Fundraising programs and ideas

The planning of your fundraising campaign should be thought out thoroughly and talked about amongst the community. Setting up different roles for different members of the comunity can prove to be a way of keeping tasks organized and simple. Success comes in numbers, so the more people you can involve to help, the more successful you will be. First talk about the amount that needs to be raised and set a goal that is reasonable. Next, make sure you have plenty of time to complete this goal amount. It may be a good idea to set up a scheduled plan, marking the dates that programs will take place and your goal for each. Here are a few ideas for fundraising programs you can use to gain the funds you need to reach your goal. Make sure you let fund donators know your cause as they are more likely to give more for your playground cause.

  • Car wash - set up a car wash in a prime spot in your community where drivers can give donations.
  • Spaghetti dinner - Cooking pounds of spaghetti is relatively cheap and easy and gives people a reason to help the community and frees them of cooking or washing dishes.
  • Bake sale - your community bake sale is the oldest fundraising tool in the book, take advantage!
  • Community auction or yard sale - The always popular yard sale usually gets great results, but you could spice it up by auctioning off those same items for a larger profit.
  • Selling Candy - Buy candy in large quanities from local bulk store or use the help of a candy sales program such as this company here,
  • Pizza cards - A pizza card is a discount card with an offer tied to a single merchant, usually a national chain. It often provides a two-for-one offer on every order and is tends to be priced at $10 for a card good for a one-year period.
  • Recycling cell phones and ink cartridges - The recycling days have changed from collecting glass soda bottles for a nickel. The Funding Factory and other companies will pay up to $100 per cell phone and up to $11 per ink cartridge.
  • Rubber ducky race - This is'nt your normal ticket selling raffle. Bring the community together for an entire event that you can mix several different fundraisng ideas into one event. Have your local grocery store and convenient stores sell rubber duckies for $1 for the chance to win a fabulous donated prize. Then on a specified date, the ducks are taken to a local park with a lake. All of the rubber ducks are emptied into the water at once and the first one to cross the finish line wins. Not only do you make money on each duck, but provide the crowd with the option to purchase food and drinks, t-shirts, and anything else you think you can sell to the rubber ducky race fans.


Grant information
Grants can serve as an easy way to get the funds your community needs to pay for the playground your children deserve. Grants usually are given to schools, day care facilities, and in some cases churches. To recieve eligiblility for these grants you must write a letter to the particular grant facilitator. This letter will contain in detail the need for a playground, whether it be to replace an existing outdated playground or provide a new structure. You must provide statistics and logical reasoning as to why you should be considered for a grant. In some cases the grants are completely free to the accepted grantee. These grants are given out by Federal and State governments, as well as many large corporations that aid in the advancement in education and children's play. You can find out about these grants by contacting your state government or go to for federal government grants. Non government grants can be found here,