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Planet playground accessories - crawl tubes
Crawl Tubes
Our Crawl tubes can fill your new structure with tons of excitement. Whether your children are crawling up, down, or around. All Planet Playground crawl tubes are rotationally molded, ultraviolet light stabilized polyethylene plastic, with molded color throughout. Call your Planet Playgrounds representative today to find out if a crawl tube would be right on your play structure.
Humpback Crawl Tube
Straight Crawl Tube
Planet playground accessories -humpback crawl tube
Planet playground accessories - Straight crawl tube
(PPG - 3500) 8' Tube
(PPG - 3506) 4' Tube
(PPG - 3507) 6' Tube
Incline Crawl Tube
Planet playground accessories - Incline Crawl Tube
(PPG - 3504) 4' Tube
(PPG - 3505) 6' Tube