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PPG 2300 Commercial Playground
ADA Features
This particular play structure at a special needs school, located in Atlanta, GA is a complete ADA accessible structure and can be used by nearly all children with most disabilities. Look at the pictures above to see what makes this such a special structure for those complying with ADA Regulations.

Handicap accessible

Constructed in wood or metal
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Planet Playgrounds is proud to say that we can help you meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act and make your playground enjoyable and safe for all. Ask your qualifi ed Planet Playground sales representative about quality ramping, transfer stations, ground events, play area surfacing, and many other options. We can offer you a variety of ways to comply that will ensure our disabled friends will learn, exercise, and most importantly have a wonderful safe time. Many of the units and components that we provide you with can be ADA accessible even if we do not show it in the ADA section of this catalog. Look for the ADA accessible logo on many of our items to see whether or not this item can be specially made or comes with an ADA option. You can fi nd an example of this logo at the top right hand corner of the next page. Also on the next page you will fi nd some of the options you have to comply with the ADA regulations. For more information on ADA, visit or call your Planet Playgrounds representative.
Wooden Transfer Station
Metal Transfer Station
Ground Features
Wood construction with metal safety handles. Available in 2’ and 3’ deck heights
Metal construction with metal safety handles. Available in 3’ deck height only
Ground features are accessible to wheelchairs and can be added to most structures.